1. Africa 1954
Three students from each university – Oxford and Cambridge – raced each other from the top to the foot of Africa… and back again. The unsupported 25,000-mile trek followed a bar-room bet between two students but was only possible thanks to their choice of vehicles: two 86-inch Land Rover Series I’s. The Oxford team won.
2. Far East (First Overland) 1955
Six students drove two Series I Land Rovers from London to Singapore: one painted in Cambridge’s light blue, the other in Oxford’s dark blue. The route included unmarked desert and virgin jungle with no roads at all, yet the students’ completed their 18,000-mile marathon in just six months. This journey is widely recognised as the ‘First Overland’.
3. South America 1957
Students took three Series I Land Rovers to demonstrate its prowess in the Amazon rainforest. The press dubbed the expedition ‘A Journey to the Lost World’. The route started on the Caribbean coast and headed south. The terrain was so demanding that it took three weeks to reach Brazil. They completed a full circumnavigation of the continent.

2. DARIEN GAP 1972
A British Army team, led by Major John Blashford-Snell, affirmed the all-terrain properties of the original Range Rover when in 1972 they drove two cars from the north of Alaska to the southernmost tip of Argentina, crossing the infamous Darién Gap – a dense forest and swamp that prevented road access between central and South America. The expedition lasted a gruelling six months.

3. CAMEL TROPHY 1981-98
Land Rover’s association with the Camel Trophy spanned over a period of 17 years, from 1981 to 1998. From the Amazon to the Far East, Australasia, Africa and Siberia, teams of two people would tackle treacherous terrain, from winching vehicles through dense jungles to traversing rivers on rafts made from tree trunks. It gradually evolved from an all-out driving challenge to tests of human endurance, such as kayaking, mountain biking and water sports.

4. GREAT DIVIDE EXPEDITION 1989, 1998, 2014
a) Land Rover’s Great Divide Expedition (1989 = Classic)
In 1989, a fleet of expedition-prepared Range Rovers embarked on the ‘Great Divide Expedition’, an ambitious adventure to traverse some of the most challenging unpaved roads and 4x4 trails in North America, following a line of high peaks along the main range of the Rocky Mountains.
b) Great Divide Expedition (P38a – 1998)
In 1998, a fleet of P38a Range Rovers undertook a portion of the ‘Great Divide Expedition’ route to commemorate the original drive from 1989.
c) Great Divide Expedition – 25th anniversary (2014)
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first ‘Great Divide Expedition’, Land Rover North America undertook a 1,000 mile off-road adventure along a portion of the original route which covered some of North America’s most challenging unpaved roads and 4x4 trails with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. The convoy included nine unmodified 2014 Range Rovers and a Classic from the original expedition.

5. G4 CHALLENGE 2003 & 2006
1. G4 Challenge 2003
The Land Rover G4 Challenge was inaugurated in 2003. The four-week competition combined demanding 4x4 driving and extreme adventure sports with mind-bending strategy. The Challenge began in New York before moving north to the rugged Eastern US Seaboard. It then headed to South Africa and on through the remote Pilbara region of Western Australia. Belgian fighter pilot Rudi Thoelen took victory after a nail-biting finale in the Moab desert, Utah.
2. G4 Challenge 2006
The second Land Rover G4 Challenge took place in 2006, combining demanding 4x4 driving and extreme adventure sports with mind-bending strategy. The Challenge started in Bangkok before moving to the jungles of Laos. It then headed to Brazil before traversing the vast salt plains of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The Challenge reached its finale at an altitude of over 4,000 metres in the Andes Mountains. South African Martin Dreyer took victory.

The 2009 Range Rover proved its prowess off-road during a drive event in deepest Oman.

To celebrate the millionth Discovery and to showcase the vehicle’s breadth of capability, Land Rover’s Journey of Discovery in 2012 travelled from its birthplace in Solihull to Beijing in China, covering 8,000 miles in 50 days to raise £1 million for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The fleet of four vehicles passed through 13 countries over challenging terrain, ranging from snow in the Alps to the sun-baked sand dunes of the Taklimakan Desert.

In 2013, Land Rover demonstrated the breadth of capability of the Range Rover Hybrid as it set off on its final engineering sign-off on a gruelling 9,950-mile, seven-week endurance expedition. Three prototype hybrids followed a route spanning 12 countries over 53 days, tackling mountain passes, arid desert, high altitude, chaotic city streets, heat, humidity and wilderness to reach their final destination of Mumbai, India. The route they travelled included part of the ancient 4,000-mile Silk Road, a trade route which connected Asia with the Mediterranean.

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1. LRE Australian Adventure 2015
Land Rover Experience drove the Discovery Sport on a 3,000 km journey across Australia. The tour started in Darwin and then crossed the Outback and headed to the heart of the continent and Ayers Rock. More than 80 per cent of the 20-day journey was off-road.

2. LRE Discover Russia 2016-18
1 - Mount Elbrus (Discovery Sport)
The 17th Discover Russia Land Rover expedition explored the area surrounding Mount Elbrus in a fleet of Discovery Sports. Elbrus is the highest peak of both Russia and Europe and forms part of the Caucasus Mountains in Southern Russia.

2 - Altai, Tyva, Khakassia (Discovery) 2017
The Discover Russia Expedition of 2017 explored southern Siberia.

3 - Yakutia (Discovery) 2018
The Discover Russia Expedition of 2018 explored the remote region of Yakutia.

3. LRE Germany – Peru Adventure 2017
Peru is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world. The tour covered over 1,800 kilometres of roads and pistes, snaking through desert and jungle terrain. The 16-strong convoy also took in views of the Pacific Ocean before travelling 4,800 metres above sea level into the Andes during their 14-day adventure.

In 2015, the first Land Rover Experience Centre in the Middle East & North Africa region opened, situated at the Bahrain International Circuit – the home of motorsport in the Middle East. Located in the heart of the Sakhir desert, Land Rover’s off-road course covers 3.5 kilometres of varying terrains such as sand, rock, hill and water landscapes.

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