Land Rover Weltrekorde und Stunts



01 - LR_Series_Land_Speed_Record_1960
A specially adapted Land Rover Series II 109 is used as a tender vehicle for Donald Campbell’s Bluebird CN7 land speed record car on a test at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in 1960.
02 - LR_Stunt_Dam_1986
A still from a 1986 television advertisement featuring the Land Rover 90 winching itself up the face of a dam wall under its own power.
03 / 04 / 05 - LR_Discovery_Launch_1989
Two early production models, one being a Police demonstrator, were fitted with railway wheels and hauled carriages from the sidings into Dart Valley Railway Station as part of the original Discovery launch in Plymouth in 1989.
06 / 07 / 08 / 09 - RR_Evoque_Launch_Liverpool_2011
The Range Rover Evoque launch in 2011 saw media from countries worldwide drive a course through the Albert Docks in the city of Liverpool, UK.
10 / 11 / 12 / 13 - RRS_Launch_Boeing747_2013
To launch the all-new Range Rover Sport in 2013, media drove a specially constructed off-road course through a customised Boeing 747 based at Kemble Airfield, UK to demonstrate its full breadth of capability.
14 / 15 - RR_RRS_Pikes_Peak_2013
In 2013, the Range Rover Sport broke the long standing record for any kind of production-standard vehicle on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb course in Colorado, powering its way on a snaking 12.42-mile road that clings to the edge of the mountain in just 12 minutes 35.61 seconds at an average speed of 59.17 mph (95.23 kph).
16 - RR_RRS_Empty_Quarter_Challenge_2013
The Range Rover Sport’s 800km dawn to dusk drive across the Empty Quarter desert in 2013, set the fastest recorded time for the crossing by a land vehicle of 10 hours and 22 minutes.
17 / 18 – RR_Virgin_Galatic_Plane_Pull_2014
A Range Rover Autobiography took centre stage as it towed out the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo at the reveal event at Mojave Air and Space Port, California in 2014, hosted by Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson.
19 / 20 - LR_Defender_Line_In_The_Sand_2015
In 2015, Land Rover created the largest sand drawing ever produced in the UK. A Defender outline measuring a staggering 1km across was drawn on the beach at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey using a fleet of six Land Rovers. The unique image was a tribute to the moment in 1947 when the engineering director of Rover, Maurice Wilks, first sketched the shape for the original Land Rover in the sand on the same beach.
21 - RR_Paper_Bridge_2015
Range Rover marked 45 years of engineering innovation with a jaw-dropping drive across a paper bridge in 2015. The freestanding structure was constructed in Suzhou, China – an ancient water city famous for its bridges and nicknamed ‘Venice of the East’. It spanned five metres and had no glue or bolts to hold it in place.
22 - LR_Discovery_Skydive_2016
Land Rover reached new heights in its vehicle technology testing when it asked world-renowned British adventurer Bear Grylls to change the new Discovery’s seating layout using the vehicle’s InControl Remote app whilst freefalling at 125mph from the sky.
23 - RR_RRS_Downhill_Challenge_2016
At speeds of 96mph, 75 per cent gradients and a 2,170 metre descent, the 5.0-litre V8 supercharged Range Rover Sport conquered an Alpine ski course that has been the downfall of many skiers (2016).
24 - LR_Disco_Sport_Train_Pull_2016
Land Rover stopped people in their tracks when the Discovery Sport towed a train 60 times its own weight along an 85ft high bridge through the Rhine region of Switzerland in 2016. The three train carriages weighed 108 tonnes, putting the Discovery Sport’s pulling power to the ultimate test.
25 - LR_Discovery_Lego_Bridge_2016
Land Rover showcased the new Discovery’s unrivalled capability on a Guinness World Record-breaking LEGO structure of London’s Tower Bridge at its global unveiling in 2016.
26 - LR_Discovery_Train_Pull_2017
Land Rover put the new Discovery to the ultimate towing test in 2017 when it towed a 110-tonne, seven-trailer road train along 16km of the Australian Outback.
27 - RR_RRS_Challenge_Accepted_2017
In 2017, the Range Rover Sport PHEV conquered land and sea in a unique point-to-point against two open-water swimmers in Devon, UK, crossing a flooded causeway usually only accessible at low tide.
28 - RR_RRS_Dragon_Challenge_2018
The Range Rover Sport PHEV became the first vehicle to climb the stairs to the natural rock arch of Heaven’s Gate, one of China’s most famous landmarks, in 2018, climbing a dizzying 99 turns and 999 daunting steps to reach the peak.
29 / 30 - LR_Line_In_The_Snow_2018
A giant 250-metre wide outline of the Defender in the snow marked 70 years of all-terrain adventure for Land Rover as it celebrated its jubilee year on 30 April 2018. The unique outline was imprinted on the side of a mountain 2,700m up in the French Alps as a tribute to the Wilks brothers’ first sketch of the original Land Rover shape in the sand of Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, UK in 1947.